50 More Fired From Twitter Acc...


50 More Fired From Twitter According To Reports

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

04:24 26 Feb 2023

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Twitter has reportedly laid off about 50 employees this weekend.

That's according to the tech news website The Information.

It's believed staff in the company's engineering teams have been affected.

It's unknown if Irish operations will be impacted.

Not Functioning

Technology Editor with the Business Post, Emmet Ryan, says the cuts seem to be excessive.

"If it's this many affected, a few dozen, it'll probably be regionally focused."

But he said what region is the question.

Emmet continued, "with the level of cuts so far, you'd have to start wondering how Twitter's remaining people are functioning."

"Obviously given users' complaints, it's not really functioning at the level it needs to, and these cuts are excessive."

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