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Work From Home Requests Will Be Protected By Law In 2022


03:32 29 Dec 2021

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Employees will soon be given additional rights if they want to work from home. 

The right to work from home will be protected by law in 2022.

It's part of new legislation drafted by the government on the right to disconnect.

The new laws will highlight the importance of work-life balance for individuals.

The government earlier this year published a code of practice with the right to work from home included.

According to one Labour and Employment lawyer, the new laws could pose some challenges.

Joanne Hyde of Eversheds Sutherland says it could affect career progression.

She says someone working from home might be held back from promotion if they're not present.

It comes as many businesses are already offering options to work from home.

The issue will likely come to the fore again in January due to increasing Covid-19 cases.

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