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University Professor Believes Just Half Of Students Attend Lectures


09:56 16 May 2022

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The professor believes many students are taking their education for granted. 

A Maynooth University Professor believes just half of students attend their lectures.

Professor of Philosophy Philipp Rosemann says there is a 'cultural problem' in Irish campuses.

He goes on to say that many students have little interest in higher education.

Ultimately, from his work with students, he believes many just want to have a degree.

"If you really feel that you want to come to campus, that something important is happening to campus," he said.

"Something so important that it's vital to life and you really want to be there."

"If that were the case then, I'm not saying every student, more students would be there."

"It is a box-ticking exercise on the way to your career."

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