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Study Finds High Chance Of Temperatures Rising Above 1.5 Degrees

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

05:00 10 May 2022

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The government needs to find a way to address challenges they face when introducing climate-based measures, according to environmentalists.

Friends of the Earth says there is a clear consensus on tackling climate change here, but issues like turf and parking spaces aren't being handled properly.

It comes after a new report which stated there was now a fifty-fifty chance global temperatures could rise above the 1.5 degrees threshold by 2026.

Oisin Coghlan from Friends of the Earth says politicians need to understand the situation Ireland finds itself in.

There are now individual actions laid out in the plan from Friends of the Earth to address climate change.

Coghlan stated that there is almost complete consensus among government with only 10 TD's voting against the climate change plan.

He said that if we as a nation approach climate change the way we have dealt with the sale and distribution of turf in the country, we won't be able to put in place the changes that we need to in a reasonable time frame.


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