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State Apologises To Woman Wrongfully Charged With Murder Of Kerry Baby


03:30 18 Dec 2020

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A woman, who was wrongly accused of murdering a baby in Co Kerry in 1984, says she hopes the stress and suffering she has endured over the years is now behind her.

Joanne Hayes received an apology from the State today as well as declarations that tribunal findings of wrongdoing made against her and her siblings were "unfounded and incorrect."

The State has apologised was described in court as "the truly appalling hurt and stress" caused to her and her family.

She asked for those declarations to be attached to the tribunal’s final report to show readers how a young woman was oppressed by organs of the State.

Speaking on her behalf outside court afterwards, her solicitor, Pat Mann, said she and her family just wanted to move on with their lives now.

"She wold like to sincerely thank the people of Abbeydorney and its the surrounding parishes and everyone throughout Ireland who sent letters of support and prayers to us."

"Throughout the years, the kindness and sense of community has helped the family through the challenging moments of this period."

"It is Joanne's sincere hope and belief that after 36 years the suffering and stress of this ordeal is now finally behind them all."

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