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Russia Using Warships To Block Food Leaving Ukraine

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

05:55 24 May 2022

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Russia is using hunger and grain to wield power, according to the President of the European Commission.

Speaking in Davos at the World Economic Forum , Ursula von der Leyen said Russia was attacking grain houses in Ukraine and blockading ships full of wheat with its warships.

She said it's already having an impact.

Wheat and bread ships from Odessa were stopped by Russian naval forces which led to those shipments not reaching Somalia.

As a result in poorer countries, the cost of bread has skyrocketed.

Bread prices in Lebanon have shot up by 70% as a result of the on-going conflict.

Von der Leyen said that Russia is using blackmail tactics in the food industry like it is using it in the energy sector to obstruct the West.

The European Commission President told the crowd in Switzerland that in Russian-occupied Ukraine, the Kremlin’s army is confiscating grain stocks and machinery.

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