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Group Of Students Racially Abused On Bus In Dublin

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Racially abused on bus

A number of people have been racially abused by a passenger on a Dublin Bus.

Footage of the incident which took place on Sunday has been widely shared on social media.

In the video, a woman can be seen shouting at a group of women telling them to go back to Africa.

The group of international students say they were called animals.

Lara was on the way home from celebrating her birthday when the incident unfolded, she says it was very upsetting:

"When she called us animals I had to stand up and go back to her and ask her why did she call us that."

"She started screaming you got to go back to Africa."

In a statement a spokesperson from Dublin Bus says:

"I can confirm that an incident took place on Route 44 at approx. 19.00 on Sunday evening."

"All Dublin Bus drivers are trained on the comprehensive procedures for dealing with specific situations."

"Each vehicle is equipped with a radio which allows immediate contact to our Central Control Centre."

"This means that our drivers have immediate contact to a team of Dublin Bus Inspectors should assistance be required in any given situation. "

"Dublin Bus operates a fleet of 1,000 buses and last year we carried 142 million customers."

"While the operation on such a large scale is challenging, the level of anti-social behaviour is relatively low."

"This is due, in part, to our commitment to embrace and foster community relations while also implementing physical mechanisms that protect our customers and employees who avail of our services."

"The entire Dublin Bus fleet is fully fitted with CCTV cameras with up to 12 cameras fitted on the more modern vehicles in the fleet."

"Each Dublin Bus depot has a designated staff member whose principal task is to monitor and maintain these cameras."

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