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Parts Of Dublin "Left In Fear" Says Gardaí


03:11 6 Jun 2021

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Gardaí say parts of Dublin are being left in fear - after another night of trouble in the city centre.


Riot police dispersed the large crowds who'd gathered in the Temple Bar, Stephen's Green and South William Street areas.


19 people, including two under 18s, were arrested for public order offences after glass bottles were thrown at officers and a bin was set on fire.


Two Gardaí were injured and a patrol vehicle was damaged, while a member of the public was assaulted and taken to hospital.



"We had a cohort of individuals who just wont accept their are respect and laws to be [obeyed]," said Assistant Commissioner Ann Marie Cagney, she continued "They've taken it into their own hands to try and cause trouble for our communities, and again this is unacceptable behaviour."



The Assistant Commissioner went on to say that this behaviour "will not be tolerated."


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