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No Hybrid Leaving And Junior Cert Returns To Normal Says Minister

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

03:24 1 Feb 2022

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The Government has agreed to hold the traditional Leaving Cert exams this year without a hybrid grading option.

Ministers decided not to offer accredited grades again this year, in part due to one in four students having not done a Junior Cert.

More choice and fewer questions.

That's what Education Minister Norma Foley says this year's Leaving Cert will look like.

Cabinet approved a plan this morning which will see the Leaving Cert run as normal, but with significant changes:

"In the mathematics paper for example students would have ten topics or questions to answer."

"Now they'll have six."

"In English for example, in Higher Level Paper 2 which is probably the most demanding of papers.."

"..students would have had to answer all three sections

"Now they've to answer two."

Minister Foley says they looked at many proposals to re-run hybrid or estimated grades - but decided they couldn't do it fairly.

Opposition Unhappy

The plan has been criticised by the opposition, including Sinn Féin Education Spokesman Donnchadh O'Laoghaire:

"So its not going to be the case that expanded choice will compensate every student equally."

"Many students are still going to be struggling to cover the course."

Labour's Aodhan O'Riordain says this year can't be seen as a return to normal:

"I think if you have any knowledge of what's happening in the education system, or the school system, you'll know that things are not in any way back to normal."

Full details of exam changes will be given to schools next week.

The Minister also confirmed the Junior Cert will run this year for the first time since 2019.

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