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Nightclub Opening Changes "A Little Bit Safe" - DJ And Campaigner

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

11:38 25 Oct 2022

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The proposed changes to nightclub opening hours are "a little bit safe" according to a campaigner and DJ.

The Justice Minister is proposing to allow clubs to continue serving drink until 5am and stay open until 6am.

While pubs will be allowed to operate between half 10 in the morning and half 12 at night across the week.

But Sunil Sharpe from the Give us the Night campaign believes they "could go later again."

"We haven't had late nights in Ireland for the best part of two decades," he said.

"The changes that are being reported so far they do seem a little bit safe versus what they could be - but it's definitely a step in the right direction.

"Any reform is positive at the moment," he said.

Out Of Step

Sunil also says Ireland is still, despite these proposed changes, out of step with Europe.

"I've come out of nightclubs over the last few weekends in Amsterdam, in Berlin, in Athens."

"In each case, those nightclubs either went until 9am or 10am, or chose to run later."

"So the idea that you would have curfews in the first place, it's a thing in some countries."

"But in most others the venues have the ability to go until the time they choose."

Sunil believes some people are "swerving" Irish nightlife because the opening hours are too limited.


Sunil says venues will have to accept some responsibility for patron safety.

Measures like free water should be legislated for, along with training for staff, he said.

He also admitted the hospital emergency department side is a side "many of us don't see."

That's something a GP specialising in Addiction, Dr. Garrett McGovern, who is based in Dundrum in Dublin, has welcomed.

Dr. McGovern has "huge reservations" about serving alcohol until 5am.

He's also worried about serving to people who are clearly intoxicated.

"We do still serve to people who are intoxicated," he said.

"It's wrong."

"We shouldn't do it."

Justice Minister Helen McEntee is bringing reforms to licencing laws to Cabinet today.

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