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Music And Entertainment Industry Calls For Support From Government

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Music and entertainment industry

The live music and entertainment industry could take a decade to recover from the impact of Covid-19, if sufficient funding isn't provided.

The Events Production Industry COVID-19 Working Group is looking for at least €6 million as part of its pre-Budget submission.

For organisers of the likes of concerts and festivals, everything has been pushed back since March.

Pearse Doherty - EPIC board member, event production manager says they need support:

"This was a vibrant, viable industry, never looking for any grants or hand-outs. It consists of SMEs who are specialised in PA, AV, lighting, fireworks... professionals like riggers, sound and lighting individuals, event controllers, health & safety.

"It's almost like a full-stop that happened on March 10th... 188 days ago. We're stranded here. We do need a roadmap for recovery."

The group representing the industry - says it needs a €6 million bailout at the very least, or up to 35,000 jobs could be in the balance.

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