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Magdalene Laundry Site To Become An Education Centre


11:41 22 Jan 2020

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Plans to turn the Magdalene Laundry site into an education centre have been backed by Dublin City Councillors.

It also includes housing for older people and a memorial for victims of abuse.

Dublin City Council laid out the plans at a meeting yesterday.

Hotel Deal 2018

In 2018 a Japanese hotel chain was hoping to buy the land.

Over ten thousand people signed a petition to stop the deal going through.

So Councillors blocked it.

Women's Council Welcome Memorial

The Women's Council of Ireland have tweeted that it's "brilliant to see" a Magdalene Laundry memorial.

They continued, "A site of conscience for survivors of institutional abuse in Ireland is such an important part of shaping our understanding of history."

Gary Gannon says "Incredible Development"

Social Democrats Councillor Gary Gannon has tweeted that he's delighted.

He says "I’ve been working with the council on this idea for close to 18 months now."

"I’m delighted that we have brought it to a point where they have now updated local Councillors on the ambition for this historic location."

He ended the thread saying he's proud to have contributed.

Plans for the Magdalene Laundry site will hopefully to be in place for the end of this summer.

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