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Leo Varadkar: Coronavirus Likely To Go On 'Well Beyond March 29th'

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Taoiseach Leo Varadkar addressed the nation over coronavirus

The Taoiseach has warned that the coronavirus emergency is likely to go on well beyond the 29th of March.

In an address to the nation on TV and radio this evening, Leo Varadkar said it could go on for months into the Summer.

During the speech, the Taoiseach heaped praise on the emergency services and front line health service staff.

"Not all heroes superheroes wear capes, some wear scrubs and gowns," he said.

"I am also grateful to the many people who have joined this great national effort," he added, "not just our healthcare staff, but also our army cadets or civil servants who are now learning to do contact tracing."

However, the address left the door open to more announcements like this, as Leo Varadkar suggested there was more to come.

"This is the calm before the storm.

"When it comes, and it will come, never will so many ask so much of so few. We will do all that we can to support them."

Also in the speech, he issued a rallying cry for the public to come together.

"Everyone in our society must show solidarity at this time of national sacrifice.

"For those who lost their jobs and had their incomes reduced, there will be help and understanding from those who can give it, particularly the banks, government bodies and utilities."

"We will get through this"

Leo Varadkar also used his speech as an opportunity to provide reassurance to people, despite pointing the dark reality we're facing as a country.

"I know many of you are feeling scared or overwhelmed. That's a normal reaction; but we will get through this and we will prevail."

The Taoiseach also urged people to stop spreading unreliable and unverified messages on social media, like has been seen on WhatsApp.

"Please don't forward or share messages from other unreliable sources. So much harm has already been caused by these messages."

He added that our communities must be protected 'from the contagion of fear'.

Mr Varadkar finished his speech by showing solidarity with other nations who are undergoing 'untold heartbreak and loss'.

"We are with you," he said.

"I send a message of friendship and hope from Ireland to everyone around the world."


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