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Leaving Cert Students Get Record Grades In 2020

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Leaving Cert went to a calculated grade system this year

The Leaving Cert class of 2020 will receive record results this year.

Results that are, on average, up 4.4 percentage points across all subjects.

Under the calculated grades system, hundreds more have picked up the top grades in English, Irish and Maths than last year.

The Department of Education says today's results are "stronger" than a normal year.

However, the grades estimated by teachers were higher again before the calculated grades system brought them down.

16.9 per cent of grades have been cut back.

H1 grades of 90 per cent and above -- equivalent to the old A1 -- are up 3.3 per cent at Higher Level and 1.7 per cent at Ordinary Level.

There's been a three per cent rise in H1 grades in Higher-Level Irish, or over 800 more students picking up top marks compared with last year.

The increase was 1.3 per cent in English, or nearly six hundred more.

Maths showed a two per cent rise at higher level.

In Maths and Irish, the numbers graded at Foundation level has roughly halved.

In Art, Economics, Accounting, Business and Home Ec, the share of H1s at higher level has at least doubled -- while in Music, they rose from 4.3 per cent to 13.

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