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Ireland Will Have It's Say On Possibly De-Criminalising Drugs This Year

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

03:17 2 Feb 2023

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The Justice Minister says he wants people to have their say on decriminalizing drugs before the year is out.

However, the move has garnered some mixed views from some drug treatment centres, and the public.

It comes as the Tánaiste has indicated he would support the decriminalisation of drugs in Ireland.

Minister for Justice Simon Harris says a citizens assembly will happen later this year, which determine what form the law will take.

However admits he would like to tackle drug gangs who are currently illegally supplying drugs.

"I'm very conscious, as Minister for Justice, of the hurt, pain and criminality associated with drug gangs."

The move could potentially see recreational users get their drug of choice in an off-licence style premises.

Sara Cassidy Manager of Aiseri Rehab Clinics says she'd be concerned if this resulted in the legalisation of cannabis.

"In our adolescent unit, which is from 15 to 21 year olds, what we're finding is anyone who has been on cannabis for a prolonged or consistent period of time, the likelihood of extreme psychiatric implications is very high."

The Tánaiste is backing initial calls made by Fianna Fáil TDs James Lawless and Paul McCauliffe, who say the current 'war on drugs is not working'.

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