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Hundreds Of Mica-Affected Homeowners To Launch High Court Proceedings

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

12:54 16 Jun 2022

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Hundreds of homeowners who are impacted by Mica defective blocks are to initiate High Court proceedings.

They're suing the company that made the blocks, Donegal County Council and a state body, the National Standards Authority.

"This seems to be the only route, the legal route is the only route," said one homeowner.

"A lot of people feel its the last option, people need to move on. We can't be dealing with this for the next ten years," said another.

Mica-affected homeowners are going down the legal route because the feel like they've no other option.

High Court proceedings have now been initaited.

Dave Coleman is the Principal of Coleman Legal.

"This case is being brought by the families that have suffered under what's commonly called the Mica Scandal."

"Well what the homeowners are doing is they're seeking to recover the difference between whatever the grant is and whatever their losses are as a result of this problem - from the defendants in the case."

The case is being funded by Defective Blocks Ireland, which has been set up by two Donegal businessmen.

To date, 500 homeowners have signed up to this case as plaintiffs and many more are set to follow suit.

In the mean time many homeowners are looking for somewhere else to live, as their homes have been listed for demolition.

One told us, "not only are you losing your home on a temporary basis while you get it remediated, we have to get another place somewhere, and that's problematic because there's nowhere else to go."

Another is worried she will be "putting up tents," for her family.

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