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NTA Says Graffiti Gangs Travelling From Abroad To Deface Trains


12:13 11 May 2022

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Graffiti on trains and at train stations seems to be coming from far and wide. 

The National Transport Authority has spoken in front of a public transport policing committee.

Tim Gaston, Director of Public Transport Services, spoke about the extent of the damage caused by graffiti.

According to Gaston, international graffiti gangs are coming to Ireland to deface trains.

He says Irish Rail spends about 2 million euro trying to clean up after the graffiti artists.

Why were they coming to Ireland to deface trains? To raise their social profile, Gaston says.

It's supposedly a common trend among graffiti artists to paint trains and stations in other countries.

He said they have worked very closely with Gardaí to arrest several of the culprits.

Incidents of stone-throwing were also highlighted at the committee by the NTA.

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