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Gardaí Issue Just 15 Fines Per Day For Illegal Parking According To New Figures

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

03:18 21 Feb 2022

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Gardaí issue only 15 fines a day for illegal parking, according to new figures.

This number has not increased since 2018, despite promises of greater enforcement.

Earlier this month, the fine for parking on a footpath doubled to 80 euro.

Green Party justice spokesperson, Patrick Costello, says motorists need to consider the safety of others when parking.

"Rogue parking and blocking footpaths and cycle lanes poses a real danger, and all the more so for those with mobility issues."

"How can someone in a wheelchair or pushing a buggy get about when we ignore cars blocking footpaths?"

"Is it fair to expect someone with a visual impairment to step out into the road to get around inconsiderate parking?"

"I am seeking hearings at the justice committee in relation to this issue, we need to do more.”

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System Not Working

Green Party Councillor for Glencullen-Sandyford Oisin O'Connor says people in positions of authority need to set a good example:

"We only have to check the footpaths near our homes and in our cities, towns and villages to know that this strategy is not working."

"Whether it's the "just a minute" parking on footpaths or cars permanently stored on pavements in residential areas, the lack of enforcement affects accessibility for many people."

"On top of lack of enforcement, there appears to be a problem with all-day illegal parking near Garda stations."

"Dundrum has received a lot of social media attention in recent months with locals highlighting the frequency with which cars are parked on footpaths outside the Garda station."

"People in positions of power should set a good example."

Deputy Costello has published the full figures at this link.

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