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Festival Tickets To Jump In Price

Fiona Cooney
Fiona Cooney

05:09 20 May 2022

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Ticket prices are set to rise for summer festivals and events as insurance costs for organisers soar.

An average increase of 16pc in premium costs has been noted by those arranging a show or participatory event.

Some agricultural shows have seen their bills jump by a quarter this year, and have conceded they'll have to increase ticket prices as a result.

The Alliance for Insurance Reform said "tourism, hospitality, entertainment and leisure businesses that survived the pandemic are now being hit on average with a 16pc increase in premiums.

From six-figure insurance premiums to the cost of hiring marquees nearly doubling, it is expected to be an expensive summer for events and businesses trying to recover from Covid-19".

Several arts festivals have already been cancelled this year, with organisers citing insurance issues.

Chief Executive of the Alliance for Insurance Reform Peter Boland, says neighbouring countries are laughing at Ireland:

"This issue is unique to Ireland in a European context. The Irish Association for Adventure tourism will regularly be meeting its European counterparts. The European counterparts laugh at the thoughts that insurance could be doing the damage that it's doing in Ireland. This is not only damaging, but it's also hampering our competition".

Mr. Boland believes this issue could only be temporary if the government takes immediate action:

"With all the talk of increasing costs right now, this is the one that government can fix, and they can fix quickly. They know what needs to be done the judicial guidelines are already in place.





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