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More Than Half Of Employees Feel Unfulfilled In Their Current Jobs


07:19 11 May 2022

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The survey was carried out by online site 

More than half of employees questioned in a recent survey are feeling unfulfilled in their current jobs.

72 per cent consider moving to a new role and 36 per cent say anxiety is preventing them from making the move.

30 per cent say fear of failure is a barrier for them to move., after the findings of the survey, has developed a free programme aimed at empowering employees to make the leap.

The survey also found that emotions were the most potent driver of the decision-making process.

Relationships with colleagues were one of three significant factors holding workers back from realising their true potential.

Employer transparency, whether that be emotional or financial, also ranked highly amongst surveyed Irish job seekers.

Almost three-quarters of all respondents were more likely to apply for a role if the salary was included in the posting.

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