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SSE Airtricity And Volkswagen Ireland Accelerate The Transition To Net Zero-Emission Motoring

Rebecca Lenihan
Rebecca Lenihan

12:34 8 Jul 2021

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SSE Airtricity And Volkswagen Ireland Accelerate The Transition To Net Zero-Emission Motoring

SSE Airtricity has teamed up with Volkswagen Ireland to bring more customers closer to net zero emissions by providing a green end-to-end solution for motorists switching to electric vehicles (BEV).

The new partnership aims to encourage and educate drivers on the seamless transition to electric vehicles and how this will help offset carbon emissions.

In return for transitioning to a 100% green energy solution, customers will save up to €1,000 on their annual energy bill.

Volkswagen customers who register a new ID.3 or ID.4 model and switch to 100% green energy with SSE Airtricity will receive €675 as a credit towards their energy costs.

They will also be able to choose an additional add-on from SSE which could include a further €320 credit, saving customers just under €1,000 on their annual energy bill.

Both organisations are at the forefront in their respective sectors regarding targeting zero emissions, Volkswagen is the leading brand for electric vehicle sales* with its all-new range of ID. models, while SSE Airtricity is Ireland’s largest supplier of 100% green energy.

Ireland’s Climate Bill calls for achieving net zero by 2050 and highlights transport as a key area for transforming and reducing emissions.

Both Volkswagen and SSE Airtricity are committed to achieving net zero and, by providing road users with an attractive and seamless way to switch away from fossil fuels powering their homes and cars, the companies are accelerating the change needed to achieve zero carbon emissions.

Rodolfo Calixto, Volkswagen Brand Director for Ireland said:

“Volkswagen is the first manufacturer to produce and deliver electric vehicles to Irish consumers with a certified net carbon-neutral balance with our ID.3 and ID.4 models.

SSE Airtricity has been a leader in renewable energy solutions in Ireland for many years.

This strongly aligned partnership not only allows our customers to charge their vehicles with 100% green energy but also gives them an incredible financial offer to make the switch to green mobility and energy even easier.”

Klair Neenan, Managing Director of SSE Airtricity said:

“SSE Airtricity is delighted to be working with Volkswagen to help share in their vision for a net zero world.

SSE Airtricity has a long history of providing green solutions for customers and we know how important the decarbonization of transport will be for Ireland to achieve its climate targets.

This partnership provides customers with a simple green solution for buying and fueling a new car.

Volkswagen have done amazing work in producing these fully electric vehicles and by powering them with energy directly from renewable sources such as SSE’s Galway Wind Park, drivers can hit the roads this summer knowing they have cut their carbon emissions and their costs with a deal that is good for their energy bills and the environment.”

 To find out more about this green mobility and energy partnership, visit here.  

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