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Dublin TD Wants Dog Poo Fine Increased To €1,500

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

02:09 23 Jun 2022

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A Dublin TD wants to increase the fine for dog fouling by 1,000 percent.

Patrick Costello has introduced legislation to increase the current 150 euro penalty to 1,500 euro.

He says the issue 'has blighted communities for years' and says dog poo is the most common issue constituents complain about.

Speaking in the Dáil today Deputy Costello says it is a very dangerous issue as well:

"Dog fouling contains parasites that can cause blindness in children."

"It has been described as the single most potent contaminant of the bathing water in Dublin Bay."

"That's a protected biosphere."

He says he raised the issue repeatedly at Council level before becoming a TD.

However he was told again and again that it's an issue for the National Parliament instead.

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