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Deputy CMO Says Parents Should Reduce Children's 'Playdates & Activities'


12:15 28 Oct 2021

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The Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ronan Glynn, is advising parents to cut down on their children’s activities as Covid cases continue to rise.


He made the appeal after figures show the 5 to 12 age group now has the highest incidence rate of Covid-19.


Dr. Ronan Glynn says parents should think about the amount of playdates or sports their children are involved it especially for the remainder of the October break.


Mum of seven Jen Hogan says it’s unfair to punish children again:


"The consequences for children of the pandemic restrictions are going to be huge.


"I have parents who are concerned, not only about the educational fallout and their children are already trying to catch-up, but the activities that were already closed for so long, children missed out on social development opportunities, emotional development."


Dr. Glynn also suggested parents should take precautions, and while trick or treating can continue, frequency should be reduced. He says it needs to be done in a safe way.


Meanwhile, his superior, Dr. Tony Holohan issued a warning saying a national lockdown is not currently on the cards, but that the public needs to be vigilant as the vaccines are not working as they’d hoped.


1,631 cases were reported yesterday, with 503 virus patients in hospital.


Dr. Holohan says while the vaccines are very good at preventing severe disease, he says people need to stick with measures such as mask wearing and social distancing to drive down cases.



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