Covid-19: 7,411 Cases Reported...

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Covid-19: 7,411 Cases Reported Today

Aoibhin Meghen
Aoibhin Meghen

05:45 23 Dec 2021

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7,411 cases of Covid-19 have been reported in Ireland today.

As of this morning there are 390 Covid patients in Irish hospitals. This is the lowest since October.

There are 98 patients with Covid-19 in ICU.

Initial data from government public health experts in the UK shows the risk of being admitted to hospital after being infected with Omicron, is between 50% and 70% lower than for Delta.

132 people with the variant have been admitted in England, 40% of those were in London.

The smallest group to be admitted was of people who'd received a booster vaccine.

But the UK Health Security Agency says protection from a third dose starts to wane more rapidly against Omicron - within about 10 weeks.

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