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Calls For Dublin's Capel Street and Parliament Street Pedestrianisation Ramp Up

Liam Daly
Liam Daly

01:22 28 Oct 2021

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The majority of people want traffic reduced or eliminated from Dublin's Capel Street and Parliament Street.


Almost 8 in 10 people want both pedestrianised on a permanent basis.


A public survey, involving thousands of submissions, found people are overwhelmingly in favour of banning cars on Capel and Parliament Street.


Earlier this year, the streets were opened to the public on weekend evenings as part of a pilot.


Janet Horner, a Green Party councillor, says it sends a strong message to the council;


"Every demographic, whether residents, or businesses, or members of the public. It was still a majority that said it was a positive improvement. I think when you have a majority across every demographic, you can conclusively say 'this is the direction we should definitely be gong in'."



Almost 7000 submissions were made to the city council about the restrictions on Capel street and Parliament street.



A business group expects any attempts to ban cars from the two Dublin streets 7-days a week, to be challenged.


Richard Guiney from Business Group Dublin Town is in favour of pedestrianisation – but says there will be those against having it full time;


"There are residential locations that use those streets and if people can't access their apartments by car, we probably will face some challenges."


Council officials will now look at the options before briefing councillors next year.


They say a more detailed assessment, including whether to introduce full 7-day a week traffic free streets, is now needed.


In a report to councillors, DCC said options for Capel Street may include;

 Traffic Free apart from deliveries between 6am and 11am
 Traffic Free in the evenings only
 Reversal of traffic to remove the majority of traffic whilst still providing resident access,
delivery access and parking for retail.

Options for Parliament Street;

 Traffic Free apart from deliveries between 6am and 11am
 Traffic Free in the evenings only
 Traffic reduced to one lane.

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