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Budget 2023: Here's What We Know


09:10 27 Sep 2022

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Article last updated at 4:50pm. 

The government have announced its Budget measures for 2023 this afternoon.

Relief for students, renters and families was a core focus of this year's announcement.

Here's what you should know:


  • Students will see 1000 euros permanently slashed from third-level fees
  • There will be a 10 to 14 per cent increase in student grants
  • There will be a double payment of the student grant, likely in December
  • Postgraduate fee contribution grants will increase by 1,000 euros
  • The reduction in public transport fares is being kept - 50 per cent on youth travel cards and 20 per cent on public transport for all


  • The point at which people pay the higher rate of income tax is now €40,000 (putting 800 euros back in the pockets of those earners)
  • An extra 50c will be charged on a 20 pack of cigarettes
  • There will also be a proportional increase on other tobacco products
  • Alcohol will be left alone


  • Tax credits of 500 euros have been announced this year and next year for renters
  • The help-to-buy scheme will be extended for a further two years


  • Childcare costs will be reduced by 25 per cent
  • Free primary school books has been confirmed
  • There will be a double payment of child benefit rates in December
  • Child allowance will increase by 2 euros a week
  • A double child benefit payment will be given in December


  • The fuel allowance criteria will be extended to include 60 to 80 thousand more homes
  • Those on the fuel allowance will also get a once-off cash lump sum of 400 euros this winter
  • All households will get three energy credits - 200 euro before Christmas and two more in the new year


  • Social welfare rates will increase by 12 euros, including the State pension
  • A double social welfare payment will be paid in October (and December?)
  • Carers and people with disabilities will be entitled to a lump sum of 500 euro


  • 1,000 extra gardaí and 430 garda civilian staff will be recruited in 2023
  • Businesses will be given money to deal with energy price hikes of up to 10,000 euros a month
  • 1.25m euro will be given to support Irish as a living language in the Gaeltacht
  • 370 new teaching posts will be announced across the country
  • An extra 4,800 apprentice placements will be funded by the government


  • Free contraception will be extended to people aged 30 and under
  • State-funded IVF treatment is to be introduced
  • Hormone replacement therapies will have a 0% VAT
  • Nicotine replacement will also have a 0% VAT
  • All public inpatient hospital charges will be removed
  • The free GP card will be extended to include another 430,000 people

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