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Bouncy Castle Shortage Coming Into Communion Season

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

03:06 19 May 2022

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Parents in Ireland have been left deflated as a bouncy castle shortage is ruining communions.

8 out of 10 requests are for communions and confirmations according to one bouncy castle rental company.

Do you remember it, all the cake and sweets you could handle and the joy of endlessly jumping on the bouncing castle

The Birthday, the big day could all be ruined by a shortage in bouncy castle's in Ireland, but what's causing it?

Entertainment Correspondent with the Irish Independent explains why there in short supply because of the pent up demand created by the Pandemic.

Arina Lewkowski who runs the family business Magic Bouncy Castle says the bookings started just after christmas:

Buyer beware, insurance for bouncy castles is still legislated for!

Alliance For Insurance Reform's Peter Boland says law reform in Ireland has to come soon, as at the moment the sole responsibility tends to fall on the supplier of the inflatable.

It's been coined the ''Bounce Back'' or ''the great inflation'' and heralded as a return to normal

If planning on renting a bouncy castle, book early and if your an adult go easy

As adults are the ones most likely to sustain injury on the inflatable structures

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