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Transport Bosses Rule Out 24 Hour Luas Service

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No 24-hour Luas, according to NTA

Calls for the Luas in Dublin to operate 24 hours a day, have been ruled out by the National Transport Authority. reports the NTA was asked to explore the option following a request by Transport Minister Eamon Ryan last June.

At present the Luas does not operate between 1am and 5am.

According to Christina Finn of, the NTA is rejecting the call as line maintenance is carried out in the early hours of the morning:

"The excuse that the NTA is giving that the reason they can't extend is because they carry out essential maintenance on the line between those hours that the trams are offline," she said.

"If we are going to extend those opening hours and licencing hours for pubs and nightclubs that there needs to be route and a possibility for people to get home,"

"I think that is going to be a big gaping hole in the government's initiative to extend those opening hours."

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