Sugababes Give Fans An Early C...


Sugababes Give Fans An Early Christmas Present

Heather Lawrie
Heather Lawrie

04:04 24 Dec 2022

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After a successful comeback year, the original members of the Sugababes have released an album they wrote almost eight years ago.

Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan led the band from 1998 to 2001, but then after a number of drastic line-up changes, lost the right to record and perform under the name. Thankfully, they got it back in 2019.

The ladies have killed it this year, touring around the UK and performing at Glastonbury to a crowd of thousands. The gig got so busy, they actually had to corner off the area to stop any more people joining the crowd.

Riding the wave of this success, the band has dropped a new album called - "The Lost Tapes" as a Christmas present to their fans.

The album has 13 tracks and was co-wrote with members of the band All Saints, including M-N-E-K, Sia and Shaznay.



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