Ireland Music Week Back After...


Ireland Music Week Back After Two Years Online

Heather Lawrie
Heather Lawrie

04:17 4 Oct 2022

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Ireland music week kicks off today for the first time in two years!

Due to the pandemic restrictions Ireland Music Week 2020 and 2021 were hosted online.


"Spotify Day" marks the beginning of the week, where fifty of Ireland's best bands will meet with Spotify representatives to discuss their careers.

Talks hosted by industry professionals will be held over the following days. These lectures are open to the public and give people a chance to learn about the modern music industry. The topics of the talks include independent publishing, NFTs and the success of Irish rap group Kneecap.

On Thursday and Friday evening the live music events take place. Fifty bands and artists will play across six stages; Lost Lane, The Grand Social Ballroom and Loft, Workman's Main Room, Vintage Room and Cellar.

Ireland Music Week has been described as a vital avenue to help Irish musicians find a spot on the global stage. In addition to this, it gives Irish music lovers a chance to learn about the up and coming talent on their own home turf!

Bands playing this weekend include; THUMPER, Lucy McWilliams, Bricknxsty, EFÉ and Sprints. CEO of First Music Contact, Angela Dorgan says there's something for everyone, musician or music lover;

"Most people in the Irish music industry will be here over the next four days, so come meet them, say hi, and tell them about your music... For anybody who is a complete music fan, we have timed it so you could run between venues and get at least one track from all fifty bands. So if you can do that, let us know and we can see if we can sort out a prize for you!"

Challenge accepted.

There are different tiers of tickets available, some that include only talks, some that include talks and gigs but only one day and lots more. All are available on the Ireland Music Week website.

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