Even Bootleg Rihanna Is So Goo...


Even Bootleg Rihanna Is So Good It Charts On iTunes

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

10:19 6 Mar 2019

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An artist under the name Fenty Fantasia has answered our prayers for new Rihanna music.

The user posing as Rihanna uploaded music to iTunes & Apple Music.  According to reports the album entitled, Angel, wasn't a leak but a bootleg of demos and unreleased work that has been floating around the internet for years.

Even the bootleg Rihanna album is good enough to chart. The album debuted at 67 on the worldwide iTunes albums chart.

Rihanna Is Close To Finishing Next Record

It climbed above One Direction's Made in the AM before the bootleg was pulled from streaming sites.

Hopefully, Rihanna comes out with the album we've all been waiting for soon!

The Wild Thoughts singer reacted to the news when a fan shared it with her;

She simply responded;

Shits crazy





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