1D Fans Spot Former Band Mates...


1D Fans Spot Former Band Mates At Glastonbury

Elaine Whelan
Elaine Whelan

12:41 29 Jun 2022

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Eagle-eyed One Directions fans have spotted former band mates Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson together at Glastonbury.

A fan posted a photo online posing with the stars chatting in the background.

In the picture, Louis can be seen chatting to a man dressed in a yellow raincoat and a 'Vans' bucket hat.

Twitter users were quick to spot Niall wearing that very ensemble in his own Instagram posts from the U.K. festival.

Many have reminisced on Niall and Louis's Glastonbury post from 2015.

This mini-reunion comes after a number of interactions between the ex-band in recent weeks.

Previously, Zayn recorded himself singing a One Direction song, which Louis has been seen to have liked.

Last week, fans also noticed Niall Horan amidst the crowd at Harry Style's sold-out Aviva gig.

Here's hoping we get more reunions from our favourite pop stars very soon!


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