How The Number For A Sex Hotli...


How The Number For A Sex Hotline Accidentally Featured In 'Don't Look Up'

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

08:39 19 Jan 2022

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Don't Look Up

Whatever you do, Don't Look Up this number!

The digits for a sex hotline appear on screen in Adam McKay's new Netflix flick Don't Look Up.

You might be thinking; was that planned? Well, according to the director, no. It absolutely was not.


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Remember when Leonardo DiCaprio's character Randall appears in a government public service announcement?

Well, during the advertisement, a 1-800 number appears on screen, urging people to call if they've any questions.

Many curious viewers took it upon themselves to actually ring the number, and they did not expect to find what they found.

The number takes you to a real-life sex hotline, and the film's director Adam McKay has said this was not intentional.

'We were going to set up a line for that,' he told Insider.

'But we didn't think of doing it until the end and we didn't have enough time to get our own phone number so that's just a random phone number.'


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'We in no way planned it being a sex hotline. Pure accident,' McKay added.

'Unless someone at Netflix or our graphics house picked it and I didn't know about it, I have no idea. In fact, no way.'

'They wouldn't have done that on purpose.'

Don't Look Up is streaming on Netflix now.

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