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WATCH: Amy Adams & Maya Rudolph Teaching Jimmy Kimmel Irish Slang


11:48 16 Nov 2022

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Amy Adams and Maya Rudolph

They were in Enniskerry last summer shooting the new Disenchanted movie, and while here, Amy Adams and Maya Rudolph picked up some Irish slang.

They told Jimmy Kimmel all about the saying, "What's the craic?" during an appearance on his late night chat show this week.

The pair were asked what it was like filming in Ireland, and they raved over their experience here.

However, they admitted it was slightly disappointing that they couldn't explore the country properly due to COVID restrictions at the time.

Maya told Jimmy how surprised she was by how kind everyone was.


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And she also said they made lifelong friends with a crew that consisted mostly of Irish people.

Elsewhere in the interview, Maya and Amy told Jimmy Kimmel all about the Irish saying, "What's the craic?"

Amy admitted she keeps getting it wrong, "I'm always like, 'Oh, she has a good craic.'"

Maya explained, "It's like, 'What's the craic?' like, tell me what you did this week, what's going on."

Jimmy then pointed out you'd get an entirely different response in L.A. if you were walking around saying, 'What's the craic.'

Watch the interview here:

Disenchanted is out on Disney+ this Friday.

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