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SPIN Chats To Manish Dayal As 'The Resident' Lands On Star On Disney+


10:50 26 Feb 2021

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Manish Dayal chats all about The Resident

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Manish Dayal recently for a chat.

He stars in the medical drama, The Resident which landed on Star on Disney+ this week.

The show is already in its fourth season in America, so we're delighted it's finally arrived in Ireland.

Sarina asked Manish how it feels getting another audience.

"It feels great! I want you guys to have the show, I want you to see the show," he responded.


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"This show talks about themes, and subjects, and people, and culture, and love that everyone on this globe can relate to."

"It is a show that I think unites people, and I'm really thrilled that you guys are getting it now."

Sarina asked how he remembers the complicated medical terms in the series.


He said, "It's just really about rehearsing... Understanding what it is, helps me."

"Understanding what that terminology means, and how it's applied to whatever operation or surgery we're doing, helps me pronounce the world, if that makes any sense."


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Manish went on to reveal they have medical advisors on set that guide them when they're acting out scenes in surgery.

"I still think that the central line might be the most challenging operation that we do on screen."

Sarina asked Manish if he ever has family and friends seeking medical advice from him.

He smiled, "I think they know... I mean, I might get the odd question here or there."

"I do have two doctors in my family already so they will take the answers to all questions."

Watch Sarina's full interview with Manish here:

The Resident is streaming on Disney+ now.

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