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Marvel Release First Trailer For Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3


09:34 2 Dec 2022

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Marvel have just released the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 and it looks so good.

It's the final installment in the franchise, and it's due out May 5th 2023.

The trailer kicks off with Chris Pratt's Star-Lord saying, "We were gone for quite a while, but no matter what happens next, the Galaxy still needs its Guardians."

We watch as the gang step off their spaceship and onto a street filled with alien kids and their parents.

"Hello, we come in peace," he advises, before Dave Bautista's Drax hilariously bounces a ball off the head of a young toddler.

Later in the trailer, we hear Rocket adamantly reveal he's, "done running."

Action packed sequences flash across the screen as Rocket's voiceover says, "We'll all fly away together, one last time, into the forever, that beautiful sky."

The trailer also introduces us to Will Poulter's Adam Warlock, who arrives to cause trouble.

Roll on May 2023!

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