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The Love Island Christmas Reunion 2018

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

10:17 18 Dec 2018

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The much anticipated Love Island Christmas Reunion aired last night.

Our favourite Islanders all reunited just in time for Christmas.

It was amazing to hear Ian Sterling's voice again as the Islanders piled into the Mansion for their Christmas getaway.

If you missed the first ever Christmas reunion episode, be warned there are spoilers ahead.

There were a few big characters missing from the festivities.

Jack Fowler, Josh Denzel and even Rosie Williams were all a big part of this year’s Love Island but are nowhere to be seen in the festive mansion.

From the get-go, Sam was eager to clear the air with Georgia following their dramatic breakup.

He accused Georgia of being "unloyal", that she had cheated on him with her ex. Saying;

No one needs to collect something from their exes house at 4am


Hayley made a return to the Villa ... sorry Mansion with a bang talking about politics again and she had us all confused, even herself.

She thinks the EU stands for Espania. SMH.

Another couple locked horns at an attempt of closure in the Christmas cracker of an episode. Ellie and Charlie were seeing each other for the first time since their split, where yet again one of them had apparently cheated on the other.

Things got heated and Zara had to interrupt as the pair were just going around in circles.

The Do Bits Society had their Winter AGM and discovered they're all at level one now include Dr. Alex who is now dating a girl and they even made a song and it might go to Christmas Number one!

Eyal and Kendall revealed that they had kissed at a club night a few weeks prior.


Jack and Dani cooked the Christmas lunch giving major throw back vibes to the Summer in the Villa when they cooked for all of the Islanders. Even though we aren't quite sure if Jack is right about his 'shirts off' policy in the Kitchen.

Flack became Kris Kindle and gifted a little something to all of the Islanders.

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