02:39 24 Aug 2021

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Casa SPIN finale

The Casa SPIN finale is podcasted now on the SPIN app, powered by GoLoud.

On the final episode, Love Island 2019 contestant Anton Danyluk shares his thoughts on this year's winners, Liam and Millie.

He also gives some advice to any of the Islanders struggling with online trolling since leaving the villa.


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Anton told Tara Walsh and Marty Guilfoyle that out of all the finalists, he's glad Millie and Liam won.

He explained, "[They're] the couple that I would have wanted to win out of everyone there, definitely."

"People have had their ups and downs, no one has had it plain sailing the whole way across."


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"There was faults in every relationship there, so yeah, I definitely think that they were the right couple to win in my opinion."

Marty completely disagreed simply because of how Liam acted in Casa Amor.

Anton pointed out that he's still so young, and he reckons he's learned from his mistakes.

He said, "I do think that Liam is genuinely sorry... I think he genuinely likes her, I really do."

"He's 22, I know he doesn't look it, but I mean we all make mistakes at that age, especially on a show like that."

"So I think maybe he's got a little bit of fright that he needed earlier on... 'cause I like the two of them together, I genuinely do."


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Jake & Liberty

The guys also reflected on the Jake and Liberty situation, and Anton thought Jake's handling of the whole situation was wrong.

"I love how when it actually happened, he was like, 'Yeah, it was a total mutual agreement.'"

"But Liberty mutually agreed she didn't want to go out with you anymore!" He laughed.


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Tara, Marty and Anton also talked about Toby's Love Island journey and how he ended up in second place.

Anton admitted he, "didn't like Toby at first," but he's really enjoyed watching his journey.

"He went in like a boy and came out like a man almost," the former Islander said.


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Tara asked Anton if his time on the show changed him as a person.

He revealed, "Before I went in, I thought I was the boy. I was like, 'Yeahhh, I get girls, I'm this and that.'"

"And I got totally humbled in there, totally humbled."


Elsewhere on the episode, the guys tried to name all 37 (yes, THIRTY-SEVEN) islanders from this year’s show.

And if you are thinking of applying, Anton shares some advice.

Listen to the podcast here.


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