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Join The SPIN Fully Fit For 2020 Challenge

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

06:30 5 Jan 2020

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Join Ed & Valerie for the month of January where they take on Fully Fit for 2020.

What is Fully Fit?

Fully Fit is a lifestyle change programme that Ed & Valerie will be following but need you to jump on board too.

You can follow the journey online throughout all our social platforms and keep up to date on their progress whilst monitoring your own.

It’s vital to say that this is not all about weight loss, it’s about creating a space where you can watch, join, learn and laugh at the reality of getting Fully Fit in 2020.

Ed & Valerie are not trained nutritionists, nor are they avid gym-goers.

Throughout the month, they’ll have a series of experts on to help you (and them) during Fully Fit.

You can stay motivated and pumped with Fully Fit's Playlist online.

New songs will be added weekly and will be guaranteed to keep you on your toes. These are actual songs that Ed & Valerie listen to whilst exercising – so you really are doing the journey with them.


#FullyFit Finale Has Arrived!

Great turn out today at UL Sport - what a way to end our FullyFit journey!

The energy powered on all morning from all the amazing gym instructors, to the gym goers.

Although at times it was a MASSIVE struggle - Ed and Valerie feel fitter and healthier than ever.

Long may it last!


#FullyFit Finale Week

Day Twenty Two and we're on the last leg of it!

On Thursday January 30th, we will be broadcasting LIVE from UL Sport from 7am - 11am.

We have pletny to give away on the day including gym memberships and concert tickets!

Join one of the many free classes UL Sport will be hosting on the day including spinning, yoga and body pump!

Chocolate... Need... CHOCOLATE!

Day Eighteen - Ed and Valerie need snacks... BADLY!

Today we heard from healthfood shops from all over the South West with their best tips for healthy snacks!

Seems like Fully Charged will be munching on nuts, fruit and rice cakes for the week!

Have any snacks uggestions? Get them in to 0877102103!

Eating Clean Means NO SMACS!

Day Fifteen - who would've thought we made the 2 week mark!

Our new challenge this week is to eat our greens, and drink our 2 litres of water everyday - can we manage it!?

SPINIs On Tour!

Day Ten and Eleven, the SPINIs went out around the South West to visit gyms for a chat and look for their pro tips!

Ed and Valerie also spoke to the Deputy Editor of about why 7 out of 10 women feel pressure to look good in the gym, and how you can ignore the haters in the gym!

Niall PT Gives Us Gym Advice!

Day Nine and Fully Charged don't know where to begin!

Valerie started by doing simple exercises in her bedroom.

Niall showed the SPINI's easy exercises beginners can do in the gym!


New Week, New Challenge!

It is Day Eight Fully Charged are ready for phase two of Fully Fit - it's gym time!

Ed and Valerie are not gym goers, so it's time to get the basics.

Have you any tips for them? get in touch on 0877102103!

Tune in to Fully Charged weekdays from 7am - 11 am.

Fully Professionals

Day Five of Fully Fit and finally Ed and Valerie have the swing of things!

They are now smashing their 10,000 steps and are ready for round 2... are you!?

"Pick Up The Pace, Wheeler!"

Day Three of Fully Fit and things are starting to look up!

Valerie hit her 10,000 steps! Ed is getting there.

Tipp lady, Ciara from RunWithCiara, told Fully Charged about her 1,000km run along the Wild Atlantic Way and gave Ed and Valerie loads of motivation to hit their steps!

As for the food... STRUGGLE IS REAL!

Send in your updates to 0877102103!

A Rocky Start...

It's Day Two of Fully Charged's Fully Fit and to be honest lads, it hasn't gone great!

Ed and Valerie got off to a rocky start yesterday...

Ed stayed home and watched the end of You season 2!

Valerie also stayed home and watched Netflix, and only downloaded her pedometer app today because she can't find her FitBit charged!

However, the pair have been eating a lot healthier. They've cut out junk food completely and are determined to reach their 10k step count tomorrow.

Ed and Valerie spoke to Mark from Ballyhoura to tell us about their new Ballyhoura trails app, where you can find lovely walk routes!

Check out their app for walkways that will make you hit your 10k steps!

Fully Fit Begin Their Journey!

Stay up to date online or daily by tuning in to Fully Charged weekly from 7-11am on SPIN South West.

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