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Reddit Decided What County Is The Soundest In Ireland

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

11:45 3 Dec 2018

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It's official Reddit have made the decision what county in Ireland is the soundest.

The original person who started the thread had decided on the kingdom of Kerry as the soundest county and opened it up to the group to decide.

Most of the thread was filled with people who thought everyone from Donegal was A1.

One person wrote;


"Not from there, but Donegal people are lovely."

Another person replied;


 "Haven't met one I didn't like. They're friendly, fun and just a little bit mad. Lovely accent, plenty of talent, and have a huge, beautiful, forgotten county. They avoid the smugness of a lot of other places in Ireland. Just a sound county, not that I have anything against any others."

Another commented:



"Donegal's hands down the best county in the country (Meath man here btw)."




Other counties that took the top spot were Galway, Wexford and Kerry...Hon the Kingdom!

Most slagged Dublin in the thread. Sorry, not sorry lads!

If you're unsure of Irish slang or want to brush up on some Northern Irish slang, here a video of Jamie Dornan explaining it all.

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