Two Thirds Of People Think The...


Two Thirds Of People Think The Pandemic Made Others Kinder


11:51 15 Mar 2022

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It doesn't pay to be kind, and more are practising it according to a study. 

A major study has been carried out into kindness, involving more than 60,00 people from 144 different countries.

It was carried out by BBC Radio 4 in conjunction with the University of Sussex.

The study found those who witness an act of kindness experience higher levels of life satisfaction.

Being on the receiving end or dishing out kindness also correlates to better wellbeing.

An interesting statistic is that two-thirds believed the pandemic has made people kinder.

Nearly 60% of those surveyed had been on the receiving end of kindness in the previous 24 hours.

Telling someone they need to be nicer or kinder does make them notice more opportunities to be so.

The study also found that women are more likely to remark or acknowledge acts of kindness.

Talking to strangers also makes us feel more connected with each other.

So next time you're on the bus or in the coffee shop, say hello to someone, for the connection.

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