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Oxford Study Encourages People To Cut Down On Meat

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

02:57 25 Feb 2022

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Meat eaters are being encouraged to reduce their consumption to lessen their risk of cancer.

It's after a team at Oxford University found people who ate a vegetarian diet were 14 percent less likely to develop cancer.

For fish eaters the reduction was 10 percent, while those who are only very small quantities of red meat cut their risk by 2 percent.

Dietician with, Sarah Keogh, says committed carnivores shouldn't panic.

She said that we do know ''processed red meat is a predictor of certain types of cancer''.

The study did have its drawbacks as it was looking at people who consumed excessive levels of red meat, for example many of them consuming red meat five times a week.

Keogh said that are huge advantages to increasing your pulses, grain and greens and this is where the vegetarians have an advantage over red meat eaters.

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