New Dating App Let's You Avoid...


New Dating App Let's You Avoid People You Don't Want To Match With

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

05:18 26 Nov 2018

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We all have the absolute fear when on dating sites that our cousin, neighbour, boss or even family might come across our profile and that means toning it down a little bit because you definitely don't want them to see it.

Now there's a new dating app on the market called Pickable that makes sure no one you know will see you... unless you want them to! 😉

The App lets women browse their potential matches profiles but you don't have to put up any photos, bio's, or name while you have a look.

Once you've picked who you like on the app and want to chat to then you can reveal your profile to them! He can choose to accept or refuse her request.

pickable new dating app

Once accepted you can start writing to each other and let the sparks fly!

Pickable sounds like a breath of fresh air as it will save you time, it evens the playing field and cuts out all the stuff that doesn't matter.

At the moment, Pickable only matches people who identify as either men or women but its makers say that an LGBT version is in the works.

Might be worth a try over Tinder or Bumble!

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