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Lottery Winner Willing To Pay €65 K Allowance For Boyfriend

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

03:08 13 Nov 2018

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So this is a thing!

Jane won the lottery and is now on the hunt for a boyfriend.

Jane Park is the youngest EuroMillions winner ever at age 17. Jane won the jackpot of £1 million.

The Edinburgh native appeared on ITV's This Morning claiming that winning the lottery made her miserable.

At the age of 17, Jane won the jackpot, making her the youngest person in the UK to win the lottery.  Now aged 23 she is on the hunt for a boyfriend and is willing to pay £65,000 allowance to date her.


A post shared by Jane Park (@janeparkx) on

Jane launched a website for her potential future bae to apply for the 'position'.

jane park euromillions winner willing to pay 65 k allowance for boyfriend

The site called 'Boyfriend Vacancy' has an application form looking for details from applications, their social media handles and asking the question ' Why would you be a good match for Jane and what would spend 65K a year on? '.

Jane reportedly launched the site to find a boyfriend to wine and dine her.

Her publicist shared the news on Twitter;

She took to Twitter to share her thoughts;

This quest for a boyfriend has had quite the reaction on social media.


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