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Have You Noticed The New WhatsApp Feature For Speeding Up Voice Notes?


10:12 18 May 2021

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The latest WhatsApp feature

Some love them, some hate them, but like it or not, WhatsApp voice notes aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

However, the app have introduced a brand new feature which makes listening to a five minute voice note a lot easier than it used to be.

WhatsApp users will be delighted to hear you can now change the speed of a voice message.

This means you'll no longer have to listen to a five minute message from a friend who says, "ehh," too many times.

So what are your options? Well, you can choose to remain at the normal speed, which is marked as, '1x.'

Or you can take it up a notch to, '1.5x.'

And if the message is particularly long, why not turn it up to, '2x.'

But how do you adjust the speed settings? Just press play on the voice note, and the speed options will show where your friend's profile photo sits.



According to reports, they're also working on a new feature which will allow us to preview our voice notes before we press send.

Meanwhile, Instagram are introducing a brand new feature allowing users to include their pronouns in their profile.

The photo sharing app announced the latest update on Twitter during the week.

Read more on that here.

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