Guiness & Jamie Dornan Team Up...


Guiness & Jamie Dornan Team Up To Launch Guiness NITROSURGE

Rebecca Lenihan
Rebecca Lenihan

10:39 2 Dec 2021

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Guiness & Jamie Dornan Team Up To Launch Guiness NITROSURGE

Hollywood star Jamie Dornan has teamed up with Guinness to launch Guinness NITROSURGE.

Guinness NITROSURGE is a device with new technology that puts the craft of the two-part pour in your hands when choosing to enjoy a beautiful Guinness at home.

Belfast native Dornan, plays himself in the first of the series of co-created light-hearted, humorous content.

 The videos see various scenarios, one of which Jamie is drawn in by the mesmerising device, forgetting that he is supposed to be hosting his friends.

In other content, Jamie assumes that he is the smooth operator, but later acknowledges that in this instance the Guinness NITROSURGE is even smoother than he is!

Guinness NITROSURGE first hit stores in late September and flew off the shelves due to the phenomenal demand.

The Guinness NITROSURGE is now available from retailers nationwide.

The Guinness NITROSURGE device has a sleekly designed “end-cap” that slots quickly and easily onto the Guinness NITROSURGE can.

Pressing the power button activates the ultrasonic transducer in the end-cap to activate the nitrogen in the Guinness.

The harp lights up on the device as it begins to craft a two-part pour and deliver beautiful Guinness with a smooth, domed head and rich ruby red colour.

Guinness NITROSURGE is the perfect Christmas gift for everyone from the Guinness fan and tech enthusiast to the Kris Kindle with that wow-factor.

Whether you’re popping round to your mates for dinner, staying in for date night over a pint or looking to impress your guests, Guinness NITROSURGE is a must-have for any household year round.

Steve Gilsenan, Global Head of Quality, Guinness, said:

"Guinness NITROSURGE is another step in a long history of innovations from Guinness as we strive to provide the best quality experience and bring beautiful Guinness to every occasion.

The technology allows for an enhanced pouring experience and a pint with a smooth, domed head for those who choose to enjoy a can of Guinness at home.”

Jamie Dornan, Actor commented:

"I’m a massive fan of Guinness so I was delighted to work with them on this amazing new technology and fun content series.

Guinness NITROSURGE is a game changer for beautiful pints at home - I’ll be using it to impress guests this festive season.”

 The Guinness NITROSURGE is available from retailers at a recommended retail price of €24.99/ £21.99.

The Guinness NITROSURGE end-cap is reusable and Guinness NITROSURGE refill packs containing 6 x 558ml cans, which were designed specifically to fit into the NITROSURGE end-cap, will also be available for a recommended retail price of €15/ £12.99.

To find out more, visit here.

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