​Keeping Your Christmas Lights...


​Keeping Your Christmas Lights Up 'Is Good For Your Mental Health'

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

10:21 8 Jan 2019

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Keep her lit!

We know Christmas is OVER and you've probably already taken down your decorations but according to Chicago environmental & design psychologist Dr Sally Augustin, keeping Christmas lights up is actually really good for you.

Speaking to Mail Online, she said

We like to think we're so different from animals, but we are actually very responsive to our senses. Developing on the savanna, where our current sensory systems developed, when we would see warm light, it was often a campfire at the end of the day, signalling cooking and positive experiences.







She went on to say;

When we experience warmer coloured lights, candlelight or light from warmer bulbs, it puts us in a more positive mood, which is great for getting along with others.








So not only does it put you in a good mood, it also means you might have less arguments. We can't argue with that... See its working already! 

No wonder we're all so jolly at Christmas time, or maybe it was the mulled wine!?

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