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Cosmetic Surgery In Ireland Is Experiencing A 'Zoom Boom'

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

05:27 27 Feb 2022

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Irish Cosmetics procedures are experiencing a ''Zoom Boom'', according to a leading Cosmetics clinician.

Increases in botox and fat reduction procedures are being attributed to people looking at themselves on the video conferencing platform.

Many users report the angle of the camera on many laptops and computers accentuates the ''double chin''.

The number of men in Ireland getting Botox and fat reduction procedures is ''growing all the time'' also according to Eavanna Breen who is a leading clinician at Akina Beauty Clinic.

Many users became aware of their image on the video conferencing platform as workers were forced to work from home during the pandemic.

Currently there is a higher number of women opting for beauty treatments than men in Ireland but this ratio is changing.

Clinical Director of Akina Beauty Clinic Eavanna Breen says male surgery is becoming more frequent.

Many customers are looking for treatments to combat ageing as they felt that the stress of the pandemic caused ageing in their features.

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