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5 Things To Do With Your Left Over Wrapping Paper

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

03:15 7 Sep 2017

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Christmas is over, all the presents have been opened and the house looks like a Christmas wrapping bomb has gone off in it! Instead of throwing out all that extra wrapping paper why not try some of these tips!

1) Use it to wrap up delicate ornaments

While putting all those glass decorations back in their box for next year why not wrap them in wrapping paper to keep them safe for next year!

2) Line the back of wardrobes and bottoms of drawers

A useful way to make your furniture more colourful.

3) Shred it for New Years confetti

Don't go wasting your money on fancy confetti for your New Year's Eve party.. Just shred your wrapping paper!

4) Use it as stuffing

We all have vases and jars with fake flowers that but need a little package support at the bottom. Tear up your wrapping paper and but it at the bottom of these so what ever your putting into it can be seen.

5) Cover school books

Are your school books getting destroyed and your parents won't stop giving out about how messy they look? Get a bit of wrapping paper and cover the outside of the books so they don't get ruined. 

Image result for books covered in wrapping paper

Time to get creative! 

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