Top Five Christmas Movies To W...


Top Five Christmas Movies To Watch Christmas Day

Rebecca Lenihan
Rebecca Lenihan

11:06 20 Dec 2021

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Top Five Christmas Movies To Watch Christmas Day

There is nothing better after your big Christmas dinner than sitting in front of the fire and putting on a Christmas movie in front of the tree.

Here are our top five movies to watch this Christmas:

Home Alone: 

Number one has to be Home Alone, the first and original movie is a Christmas classic. 


If you are old or young, this is one for everyone to enjoy in the family. 


Is it even Christmas if Elf is not involved? 

This is a personal favorite of mine and such a feel good movie. 

Santa Claus: 

All these movies are amazing and the first and original movie defiantly gets you in the Christmas spirit.


Love The Coopers:

This is an underrated Christmas movie but completely amazing. 

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